3G 4G pcs cdma signal jammer for sale

  • Disturbing GPS signals require very little interference energy to temporarily or completely block GPS signals. Because more than 20,000 kilometers above the earth's surface, round GPS satellites have relatively low transmission power. Even small GPS jammer can interfere with signals with a radius of about 10 meters. This means it is no longer possible to use GPS trackers to track cars. Modification of GPS interference is called GPS spoofing. In this more complex process the wrong GPS signal is sent, so the satellite signal is simulated to z. For example, command an enemy vehicle, ship, or aircraft on the wrong route.

    If used: in hospitals and schools and cram schools, the auditorium mainly cheats to prevent other, cultural centers, examination halls, radio stations, cinemas, theaters, museums, data centers, hospital intensive care rooms, bank conference rooms, libraries, providing a wide range of control, such as in the car.

    Operation: as long as only the switch fuselage side operation is simple!

    Features: small and portable mobile satellite wifi jammer wide and effective radio wave cutoff range, carrying, can be used, very convenient. Built-in lithium ion rechargeable area, can be charged from the socket.
    Super powerful jammer attention points.

    At present, the mobile phone is developing, many complaints come out! As a mobile nuisance in this area, a communications deterrent is out! Small cell phone jammer are used to encourage awareness of annoying mobile users and mobile users who do not always maintain their manners and comfort Spaces. It can interfere with all the portable signals and radio waves in Japan, such as GPS, we correspond! Please be sure to use it from high power to company and home!

    Principle: to prevent the receiving of control signals from the base station, the terminal is unserviceable, and the temporary call is a device to prevent incoming calls.

    Portable GPS LoJack Tracking Blocker GSM 3G 4G WiFi  Jammer

    Radio cut-off: spam PHS and mobile phone outgoing services (wi-fi/GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS / 3G)!


    continuous use of excessive time may cause the body to generate heat.
    the scope may be reduced according to the specification environment.
    GPS successfully interferes with the recorders and radar detectors we sell in our stores. Navigation and other 1 part of equipment. The effect. The weak. Is.
    even if the GPS turns off the radio waves, it will not suddenly disappear from the map when the data on the blocked side is connected.
    do not dismantle or modify it, and improperly export it as a violation of the radio act and stop it.